About Us

The Association represents the interests of its members and those of the markets in which they operate, with particular support in the areas of regulation and legislation both in the UK and Europe

The European Venues and Intermediaries Association (EVIA) promotes and enhances the value and competitiveness of Wholesale Market Venues, Platforms and Arranging Intermediaries by providing members with co-ordination and a common voice to foster and promote liquid, transparent and fair markets. It maintains a clear focus and direction, building a credible reputation upon 50 years of history, by acting as a focal point for the industry and providing clear direction to their members when communicating with central banks, governments, policy makers, and regulators. 

EVIA’s core strength is the ability to consolidate views and data and act as a common voice for an industry operating in a complex and closely regulated environment, by acting as a central point for the industry and providing clear communication with central banks, governments, policy makers, and regulators.  

EVIA provides specific standards and maintains a clear focus and direction for the participants and stakeholders across the market ecosystem, building upon a credible reputation from over 50 years of experience. 

EVIA was previously known as the Wholesale Markets Brokers’ Association (WMBA) whose name reflected the Interdealer Broker industry and its origins began with the Foreign Exchange and Deposit Brokers' Association (FEDBA) established over 50 years ago. Its members cover global markets and facilitate the overwhelming majority of transaction volumes in the Over-The-Counter (OTC) markets.