• The European Venues and Intermediaries Association promotes and enhances the value and competitiveness of Wholesale Market Venues, Platforms and Arranging Intermediaries by providing members with co-ordination and a common voice to foster and promote liquid, transparent and fair markets.

    It has built a credible reputation over 50 years, by acting as a focal point for its members when communicating with central banks, governments, policy makers, and regulators.

  • The Association, as WMBA Limited, is also an FCA regulated Benchmark Administrator of RONIA and the Calculation and Publication Agent of SONIA, acting on behalf of the Bank of England.

    The benchmarks provide an average of interest rates for unsecured and secured sterling money in the overnight markets respectively.

  • EVIA’s sister association, the London Energy Brokers’ Association also provides indices for UK Power, European Gas, Emissions and coal which are used as global pricing benchmarks for the market and for risk management and compliance purposes.