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This section of the website provides information related to Foreign Exchange areas of interest.

Being a large part of their business, the EVIA member firms have a significant and long standing interest in being involved in policy making around the FX markets, especially as regulation and compliance become ever more stringent. This page aims to collate FX specific resources and information that the EVIA members are involved in and may be of interest to the wider public.

Foreign Exchange Global Code of Conduct

The EVIA Public Register of Market Participants, as listed in the table below, primarily contains, but is not limited to, members of the European Venues and Intermediaries Association(EVIA) and the London Energy Brokers' Association(LEBA). This register aims to provide a clear view of the market participants commitment to the FX GCC by allowing free public access to their respective Statements of Commitment.

Market Participant Date of Admission Date of Market Participant's Statement Participating Public Register Type of Market Participant Participant's Statement
360T 2018-01 2017-12-05 EVIA FXGCC E-trading platform
Thomson Reuters Corporation 2018-01 2017-06-11 EVIA FXGCC E-trading platform
Nex Group Plc 2018-01 2017-11-14 EVIA FXGCC E-trading platform
BGC Brokers LP 2018-01 2017-12-21 EVIA FXGCC Broker or investment adviser
GFI Brokers Limited & GFI Securities Limited 2018-01 2017-12-21 EVIA FXGCC Broker or investment adviser
Sunrise Brokers LLP 2018-01 2017-12-21 EVIA FXGCC Broker or investment adviser
TP ICAP Group 2018-03 2018-07-10 EVIA FXGCC Broker or investment adviser
Tradition (UK) Limited 2018-04 2018-02-26 EVIA FXGCC Broker or investment adviser
ParFX (UK) Ltd 2018-04 2018-04-18 EVIA FXGCC E-trading platform
Marex Financial Limited 2018-05 2018-05-25 EVIA FXGCC Broker or investment adviser

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EVIA does not assume responsibility for verifying the accuracy or validity of a market participant’s Statement of Commitment. EVIA does not monitor a participants adherence to the Code, or verify whether market participants are within the defined scope of market participants covered by the public register. The FX Global Code is anticipated to be updated from time to time to reflect emerging issues, changes in the FX Market, and feedback from interested parties. Institutions that have committed to the FX GCC should consider renewing their Statements on a regular basis and also when such updates to the Code are published.

Market Participants who wish to apply for inclusion, or to amend or delete their entry should e-mail with their requirements.

A copy of the Global Code can be found at Global Code

WMBA Statement on the FX Global Code of Conduct (GCC) - 25 May 2017

Please CLICK HERE to view the Full Statement.


Foreign Exchange Working Group Monthly Calls

Notes of monthly calls to discuss implications of regulatory change and common approaches to market practises.